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Actuarial Services

Actuarial valuations

We perform actuarial valuations of:

  • Defined benefit pension funds;
  • Defined contribution pension and provident funds;
  • Company accounting disclosures in respect of pension funds;
  • Company accounting disclosures in respect of post retirement benefits (medical aid, deferred compensations schemes etc).

The software we use includes SuperVal and custom written MS Access programs.

Asset liability modelling

We carry out detailed asset liability modelling exercises. This allows retirement funds to set investment strategies that are appropriate to their liabilities and the risk the fund is willing to take. We use the Maitland Stochastic Modelling program for asset liability modelling.

Mergers and acquisitions

The senior actuaries have many years of experience assisting clients with mergers, acquisitions, disposals and the resulting effects on the retirement funds.

Consulting advice

Arthur Els & Associates has considerable experience in complex employee benefit changes. This includes Section 197 transfers, Section 14 transfers, post retirement medical aid subsidy buyouts, pensioner outsourcings and conversions from defined benefit to defined contribution funds.

Independent peer reviews

In light of our independent and high quality of staff, we are often called upon by actuaries in other companies to peer review their actuarial work or to do independent actuarial work.

Investment monitoring

We carry out investment monitoring for a number of retirement funds. This includes performance measurement, attribution analysis, investment fee verification and mandate and benchmark compliance.

Benefit calculations

We assist clients with individual member benefit calculations, particularly where the calculations are complicated.

Strategic Actuarial Partners Namibia

Arthur Els & Associates is a 50% shareholder in Strategic Actuarial Partners Namibia. The latter provides actuarial services in the Namibia market.

ARGEN Actuarial Solutions